Our Mission
To bring people to the Lord Jesus and plant them in the house of God, that is, the Church, so that they can be who they ought to be in order for God to effect the desired change in their world...

You cannot walk the street on nations without God's Cover


US Church

- Sunday: Solution Service - 10am - 12pm

- Wednesday: 8pm - 9pm

Nigeria Church

- Sunday: Solution Service - 8am

- Tuesday: Bible study - 6pm

- Thursday: Miracle Service - 6pm

- Last Fridays: Solution Night - 10pm

2014 International Conference

Watch Out!......

About Us

God's Cover Church Int'l is a community of believers who gather together in quality praise and worship of the only living God, equipped with the infallable word of truth and released to make formidable impact in our world for the kingdom of God. No one can walk the streets of nations without God's Cover. So you take a cover in God's Cover

Aims and Objectives  

  1. To spread the full gospel of Jesus Christ
  2. To win souls for Jesus Christ and encourage Christian living, integrity and excellence
  3. To attend to the spiritual and physical needs of members
  4.  Through prayers and actions to work towards promotion of Christian unity
  5.  To contribute to the health and educational needs of man
  6.  To pray and work for peace, progress and stability of Nigeria and the rest of the universe
  7.  To uphold and maintain the truth


Head Quarters - United States

223-13 Linden Boulevard, Cambria Heights
New York 1411, USA.
Tel: 7184135753


Head Quarters Nigeria

No 297 Port Harcourt Rd, Aba Abia State , Nigeria
Tel: +2348037131928


No. 164 Uratta Road By Uratta Police Station,
Aba, Abia State, Nigeria
Tel: +2348060871776

No. 270 Obohia Road, Aba
Abia State, Nigeria
Tel: +2347068538443